Softweb Technology is a professional company which provides the service orinted software for the peoples to feel friendly & easy to access the IT Knowledge & Helps in developing their business at National/International level."The growth of knowledge is growth of wealth".The Line marketing which designed for market friendly nature & works on the following things. A marketing technique where by information about a company's goods or services is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.

Marketing on mobile messaging apps has yet to take root in the U.S. and Europe in a big way, but it is already in full swing in Asia. And even then, Japan’s Line and China’s WeChat , two of the dominant mobile messaging applications in the region, are just beginning to scratch the surface of a potential advertising gold mine.

About LINE & Usage

  •  The application is widely popular for its use of stickers and stories about the characters they feature. It’s often described as one of the most fun and enjoyable platforms. Those characters (think emoji for different characters) are used within the application as a sort of storytelling feature and even have their own TV show. Each is so widely adopted that LINE has experimented with pop-up stores that sell merchandise featuring the characters, including novelty items, t-shirts, and other gear.
  •   Many celebrities have channels on the network, and they share content regularly. iHeartRadio had their San Diego broadcast personalities set up accounts and within 6 months they reported that their follower counts were larger on LINE than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter COMBINED. Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 are also top producers on the network. If you’re a brand with a celebrity partner, explore the options of syndication to their networks on these channels.
  •  Similarly to WeChat, Official Account holders can build their own experiences/applications within the app. This functionality is called Business Connect. Many brands have delivery services, dry-cleaning pickup reminders and a number of other functionalities built into their Official Accounts.
  •  LINE has its eye on global adoption. In addition to their unique breadth of services, each user experiences the application differently depending on their native country. Characters are slightly altered to appeal to cultural norms in certain countries and LINE targets partners that can extend their reach and influence in those regions. If you’re a brand hoping to jump on the LINE bandwagon, exploring partnership opportunities may be a good way to do so while being mindful that the user base is still mostly centralized to Asia.
  •  Engagement is key on the platform. Even though some celebrities have fewer followers on this network, they routinely receive more likes on their content here. That’s because the users are engaged and enjoy the lighthearted nature of the platform. Content for this platform should be created with this in mind.
  •  The platform is popular for its games and characters. Brands should be as native to the platform as possible, which may mean integrated the LINE characters in content.